Nampan presses appeal of court ruling that kept Bujak records private

From the Idaho Statesman

Nampa insurance salesman Bob Henry filed a 74-page brief with the Idaho Supreme Court Thursday, contending that if his public-records suit hadn’t been rejected in district court last summer, Canyon County’s financial woes with ex-Prosecutor John Bujak might have been averted.

Henry is appealing Judge Kathryn Sticklen’s July ruling that upheld Bujak’s refusal to release bank records documenting his handling of a nearly $600,000 contract for his office to handle misdemeanor prosecutions for the city of Nampa. She agreed with Bujak that the records were private, but Henry still contends they were public.

“Canyon County’s refusal to disclose the public documents has been especially costly,” Henry’s appeal states. “Not only has Mr. Henry incurred legal fees and costs, but the Canyon County taxpayers have lost several hundreds of thousands of dollars, funds which Canyon County now asserts were wrongfully taken by former Prosecuting Attorney Bujak.

“It now seems clear that had Canyon County properly responded to Mr. Henry’s first records request in March of 2010, the mishandling of funds would have been exposed to the public in time to prevent much of the loss Canyon County now seeks to recover through its litigation with Bujak.”

Bujak had the Nampa money sent to a private trust account, telling county leaders that money would cover all of his office’s non-personnel expenses and in effect profit the county around $300,000.

When Bujak abruptly resigned Sept. 30, county leaders said he owed them nearly $293,000.

Bujak filed for bankruptcy about a month later and disputes that he owes the county. Last week Canyon County commissioners filed a complaint trying to keep bankruptcy proceedings from eliminating the ex-prosecutor’s debt to the county.

From the Idaho Statesman

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