Canyon County to discuss its open meeting protocol

From the Idaho Press-Tribune

CANYON COUNTY — County commissioners will meet with Prosecuting Attorney John Bujak today to discuss open meeting protocol.

“I’ve had some concerns about the way some things have been put on the agendas for the commissioners meeting, and does it comply with the open meeting law,” Bujak told the Idaho Press-Tribune Sunday. “So my office put together an instructional memorandum on how to put things on the agenda for the meeting in compliance with the open meeting laws. We’ll meet (today) to just go over the memorandum and just answer any questions they might have.”

Bujak said this isn’t a case of the commissioners acting improperly in regard to open meeting laws, but rather that it is an opportunity to improve the public’s understanding of how local government works.

“We’re taking another step towards transparency,” Bujak said, noting that already commissioners meetings are recorded and any citizen can request an audio copy. “We just want to make sure to the largest degree possible that people know what county government is doing and can become involved if they want to. To me, that’s when government works best — when constituents get involved.”

Commissioner David Ferdinand said state lawmakers passed a new law last session regarding open meeting laws, “so we’ve been reviewing some of the ways we’ve had items on the calendar,” he said.

“We reviewed all that and made a few changes at (the prosecuting attorney office’s) suggestions, but we wanted to get everybody together (today) and review it.”

From the Idaho Press-Tribune

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