IDOG seminar trains highway district clerks

Highway Clerks 1

About 80 clerks from highway districts around the state participated in an IDOG seminar on open records on Nov. 14, 2007, at the Doubletree Hotel Riverside in Boise. The seminar was conducted by Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, Deputy Attorney General Bill von Tagen, and IDOG President Betsy Russell.

The session came during the annual meeting of the state’s highway districts, and was sought by Stuart Davis, executive director of the Idaho Association of Highway Districts. The day allowed time only for half of the regular IDOG seminar – the part on open public records – but the question-and-answer session and handouts also included information on Idaho’s Open Meeting Law, and the highway districts have asked IDOG to come back next year and give the full presentation on both laws.

Highway Clerks 2

Davis said the handouts, including the Attorney General’s Idaho Open Meeting Law Manual and Idaho Public Records Law Manual, were the best publications on the topic he’s ever seen, and he now feels much better equipped to advise his member highway districts on questions relating to open records and meetings. All the clerks left with copies of both manuals.

Highway Clerks 3

Highway district clerks from all parts of the state participated in the seminar, and some even portrayed characters in the seminar’s audience-participation skits, from “Earnest the Rookie Reporter” to “Undertrained, the Overly Cautious Clerk.” The session combined laughs with learning on an important topic for these key government employees who are on the front lines for compliance with Idaho’s open meetings and public records laws.

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