Boise County prosecutor says commissioners held invalid closed meeting on Garden Valley development

From the Idaho Statesman

Boise County commissioners held an invalid closed meeting July 24 to discuss a controversial development in Garden Valley, Boise County Prosecutor Theresa Gardunia said this morning.

But it’s unclear whether commissioners will face any penalties.

Commissioners held the executive session shortly before voting 3-0 to approve Southfork Landing, a 606-home, 868-acre project near the South Fork of the Payette River.

In the closed meeting, commissioners and Gardunia discussed what information needed to be included in the public record before approving the project, Gardunia said.

This discussion could have been held in open session, Gardunia told Statesman editorial page editor Kevin Richert this morning.

“I think the executive session was unauthorized,” she said.

State law allows commissioners to meet behind closed doors to discuss pending or probable litigation. However, a possible lawsuit was not discussed in the closed meeting, Gardunia said.

The executive session was not posted on the commissioners’ agenda and was held without 24 hours’ notice, also in possible violation of Idaho Open Meeting Law.

Elected officials can face fines of up to $150 for violating the Open Meeting Law.

Gardunia says she has not yet received a formal complaint protesting the meeting. If she receives a complaint, Gardunia says she will recuse herself and send the complaint to another prosecutor.

From the Idaho Statesman

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