Decision on Law Firm Proves Telepathy Exists

Editorial Published June 2, 2005, in The Star-News, McCall

A miracle happened at last Thursday’s meeting of the McCall City Council. Members of the city council made an important decision about their legal representation apparently without discussing it. They must have conferred by telepathy or intuition, because any other method would have been illegal or unethical.

The topic of where the city gets its legal advice was added at the last minute to last week’s agenda at the council’s regular meeting. Mayor Kirk Eimers made the motion to fire the Boise law firm of Moore Smith Buxton & Turcke, which had represented the city for the last five years and which the city has paid nearly $1 million in legal fees over that time.

There was little discussion before the unanimous vote was made to change one of the most important contractors on the city payroll. Afterward, council members were reluctant to talk about the subject, saying only that change was needed.

The agreement among the council members was remarkable if the assumption can be made there was no prior discussion on the law firm. At least that is the way the record shows. There have been no discussions in a public meeting among the council members of the conduct of the firm. The council could have discussed the law firm in executive session, but minutes of the last several executive sessions – which are required by law to be made – show no evidence of any deliberations.

So, how in the world did council members come to their decision? Did they do a round-robin telephone conference? Not likely, as that would have violated the Idaho Open Meeting Law. Did they discuss the matter while they were in an executive session on a different topic? Let’s hope not, because that also would have violated the open meeting law.

So, the only answer is that council members have developed a keen sense for how the others are thinking and can come to immediate agreement without speaking a word to each other. That is an amazing talent, one they should be able to take on the road and charge admission to watch.

Editorial from the Star-News

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